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I am a professional fine art landscape photographer.

As a child I recall the pleasure I felt behind the lens of our family camera, always facing the object, never as the subject. It was not until my final years of schooling that a dedicated teacher turned that pleasure into a passion. With a Minolta 35mm film camera in my grasp, I acquired a new found curiosity in the world of photography: its science, its ability to manipulate light and the way I could translate moments and make them personal.

These initial skills were strengthened by years of study at university and changed the way I looked at the world. It has allowed me to travel as a freelance photographer and view different people and places through the lens of the camera. I have travelled… lived… worked… in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South Pacific Islands and extensively around Australia.

I have a deep concern for our environment and the direction we are heading. Outside of photography I am an organic home gardener and am committed  to a sustainable lifestyle. I have a great appreciation and respect for our indigenous culture and I thank them for maintaining our country for tens of thousands of years. I hope we can work together to learn how to care for this land and the life the planet supports. If you are an indigenous Australian and you would like me to help you preserve your stories please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to dedicate my time to expose your history.

In 2018 I was fortunate to have thirteen shortlisted entries in the Australian Photographer of the Year competition.


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Email: nat@nataliehampel.com                    Phone: +61 403 425 493

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